November is American Diabetes Month

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) celebrates November as American Diabetes Month. Millions of people in the United States are at risk for diabetes. Every year, the ADA community comes together to ring the alarm on the diabetes epidemic. The ADA uses November to alert people of diabetes risks, research, and the ADA’s mission to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Visit the ADA website for updates on this year’s Diabetes Month campaign. 

November is American Diabetes Month®.

It’s our chance to show the world what life with diabetes is really like and provide ways to manage it.

Every year, our community comes together to ring the alarm on the diabetes epidemic. For the millions of us who are at risk for it, it’s a time to get educated, find resources and make sure all those around us are aware of their risk, too. And for the millions of us living with diabetes, it’s a chance to tell our stories and awaken the world. Until we find a cure, we will find each other and lift each other up. Will you join us?

Highland Park Clinic Groundbreaking Ceremony

NECC HP Groundbreaking

On February 19, 2015 Northeast Community Clinics celebrated the renovation and expansion of our Highland Park Clinic with a Groundbreaking Ceremony, attended by our Board President Robert Nakahiro, Executive Director Dr. Christopher Lau, and our honored guest U.S. Representative Xavier Becerra. Congressman Becerra’s continued support of NECC was vital in the award of the Capital Development- Building Capacity Program Grant that funded this expansion and renovation. The clinic is now operational as of August of 2016. The expanded facility will double the amount of patients it serves, increasing the women’s health and chronic disease management services provided to the community.

A Message from our Executive Director

For over 50 years, Northeast Community Clinic has provided high-quality medical care to the uninsured and low-income residents of Los Angeles County. We believe that through better health, our patients are able to live better lives. We currently have 16 locations throughout LA County addressing health disparities that exist in the community we serve. We continue to carry on this service tradition by ensuring we continue to honor our mission. Our commitment to this goal has never been stronger. This past year we had 170,000 visits from valued patients in search of excellent affordable healthcare.

NECC positions itself as a premier provider through the expansion of the Affordable Care Act. Our staff of 50 medical providers has the ability to ensure the highest quality of care with the current system. We strive to stay true to ourselves, as well as the community we serve. Let us take care of you.


Christopher Lau, M.D.