Other Services

Other Services

Northeast Community Clinics does not discriminate and provides medical service to all patients regardless of sex, race, color, national origin, disability, or ability to pay.  Patients undergo financial screening and patient charges are determined by a sliding fee scale.

NECC offers primary health services through its Prenatal Care, Women’s Health Care, General Medicine and Pediatric Program.

All services are provided under strict Medical and Quality assurance protocols.

Mobile Medical Programs

In October 1997, NECC received a grant from the State of California Department of Health Services to expand its medical services by providing mobile medical service to patients without access to primary care clinics.

NECC Mobile is a fully licensed medical clinic which includes an examination room, a triage station and bathroom. NECC Mobile Clinic is also a part of our Disaster Preparedness Program. Some of the services we provide through our Mobile Medical Program are:

Emergency or complicated cases are referred to the main facility in Highland Park.

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