General Medicine

As part of a primary and preventative health program, it is essential to maintain a great relationship with all of your healthcare providers. In an effort to assist with that process, one of NECC’s Primary Care Providers will track your healthcare including general medicine, regular check-ups and physicals.

NECC is prepared to provide you with best healthcare options for the treatment of acute illnesses and chronic conditions, such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension and thyroid disorders, NECC also offers screening and preventive medical testing, laboratory services, and minor surgical procedures.

Patients with chronic healthcare concerns are enrolled in a thorough self-management program that is monitored by our team of qualified medical professionals. Our medical support team educates and encourages your efforts to take control of your health. We work with you, taking into consideration your personal lifestyle and concerns.

Health Education includes nutritional counseling, provided by a registered dietitian for the management of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, prenatal and pediatric patients.

We offer a network of public and private specialists to address your medical needs. We offer referrals to specialty care such as radiology, high-risk pregnancy, mental health, dentistry, x-ray, and mammography–just to name a few. Community resources are also accessible through NECC’s network of agencies, for domestic violence, senior abuse, counseling and shelters.


Senior/Elderly Care

NECC has a rich history in serving individuals at any stage in life. Our team of internal medicine and family practice physicians specialize in senior healthcare and understand the complex health conditions which come with getting older.

NECC has implemented several programs focusing on our growing patient base to ensure that you continue to live an enriched quality of life. Our senior patient specific programs include retinopathy screenings for glaucoma, and bone densitometry screenings to test for osteoporosis, among others, NECC is committed to ensure that seniors have the best medical treatment available.